Trusting Your Body

I do recommend a certain amount of attention to proportions, and in fact, my coaching sometimes gets pretty specific, meaning, that a client might have to follow a numeric percentage of each macro-nutrient on their plate at each meal, as best they can.

What I do not recommend is too much attention to detail when it comes to counting calories, measuring food, and weighing yourself on the scale frequently.

Those things have a place, but, they’re not usually sustainable in the long-term, nor effective, nor accurate.

Instead I am generally in favor of trust.

Trust yourself.

Trust what your body is telling you it needs.

This, of course, involves developing the skill of being able to listen to what your body needs, which comes with practice, after a period of attention to measuring and proprotions.

This phase of listening & trust is one that you can sustain for long periods of time, long after you’re bored of counting calories and logging every meal.

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