Your Muscular ‘Brain’

Last week I took my son out for his first ever 1 mile run.

I’m very proud to say that he completed it. (Don’t worry, there’s more to this post than me bragging about my own child.)

He also intuitively said at the end, when describing how his legs felts, that “it felt like his muscles had a brain of their own.” (He’s eight.)

Yes! When you’re running for awhile, no matter what may be going on inside your mind, or with your heart and lungs, your leg muscles do kick into an ‘automatic pilot’ mode.

They’ll keep moving and churning and driving your forward because they are in rhythm. They don’t want to stop.

All of the systems in your body have ‘brains’ of their own. Your body is a system of systems.

It’s not solely governed by your ego.

(Sorry if that is a blow to your ego.)

Pay attention to what those systems tell you.

They don’t all speak English, but they do speak.

The question is, are you listening?

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