How Most People ‘Research’.

If you choose, you can easily find an article that validates … whatever you want it to about your health.

Yes, you should or should not: wear a mask, eat gluten, be Vegan, be a Carnivore … the list is endless.

Then you can stop there, safe and sound, with the opinion that you wanted to be true in the first place intact, confirmed by science, and ‘proven’.

That’s what most people call ‘research’. Google something, click on the one that makes sense for you, and, like magic, it’s truth!

Of course, there is another path – the path that most people do not follow.

The path that leaders take.

If you choose to, you can actually research the contrary opinion, the one that is the opposite of what you believe or want to believe is true, no matter how painful or scary that might be.

Because of course, if you look, what you’ll find is that you will also almost always find something which ‘proves’ the other side’s case as well.

Then, knowing the full scope of the research that is out there, you can sit with that, test it (if applicable), and make up your own mind.

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