Fine Tuning Your Carbs

Different carbohydrate heavy foods have different levels of starch; some are higher, some are lower.

Some examples of ‘high’: oats, potatoes, rice. Some ‘low: leafy greens, tofu, kale.

Those with are ‘high starch’ or ‘high glycemic index’ pose a higher risk for adverse effects, especially if you are more sensitive to them than others. (This can vary even in the same family, among twins. It’s very individual.)

Adverse effects of too many carbs going into your system too fast include feeling jumpy, anxious, hungry (too quickly), and headache, to name a few.

If you feel like that after a meal, try drinking more water, exercising, or eating some protein or fat.

Conversely, the adverse effects of not eating enough carbs in a given meal might induce feelings of lethargy, sleepiness, or heaviness, etc.

In those instances, you might try eating some fruit, rice, potatoes, or drinking some tea.

You can research many different kinds of foods to learn more about which fall into high or low glycemic categories, and begin to fine-tune from there.

High starch foods are more likely to cause imbalance, and should be eaten with greater moderation.

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