Ridiculous Anger

I sat down to meditate after my workout this morning as I often do.

(Side tip: the contrast of moving immediately from a hard workout, with an elevated heart rate, straight into a meditation, is an excellent boost to the effectiveness of all the work you just did in the gym.)

So I sat down on my lawn, settled in on the wet grass (it was early), and began to breathe deeply through my nose.

(Side tip 2: ground yourself by having your skin touch the Earth as often as you can, at least once a day.)

(Side tip 3: you should always breathe through your nose.)

So I began, and, a plane went overhead in the sky, drowning on the guided voice on my Calm app.

For a moment I thought, how rude!

Then I quickly realized, how ridiculous am I! (Or, how ridiculous is my ego!)

To actually think, even for a half a second, that the plane should choose another time or route, so as not to interrupt my meditation.

I laughed at that one, and was also thankful to be able to do so, with relatively quick awareness of how ridiculous many of the things that anger us are.

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