Your Head Is A Big Fat Liar

Matt Fried (he/him) 3 days agoIsn’t that amazing, how in our heads horrible things happen all the time, yet in reality, they rarely do? Diego Gonzalez [he/him] 3 days agoOur head is a big fat liar. this is part of the conversation that prompted this blog post. The list of examples and directions I couldContinue reading “Your Head Is A Big Fat Liar”

It’s Not Up To The Wind.

Every day will not be a ’10’. You’re going to have some days when you just don’t hit your goals. Perhaps you eat poorly, or stay up too late. Perhaps you stay at work too long, or have a fight with your wife. Whatever you’re working on, it’s just not going to be flawless everyContinue reading “It’s Not Up To The Wind.”

How Many Days Per Week Do You Train?

Firstly, I stay away from the word ‘workout’ because it is nebulous. Sometimes, it doesn’t mean anything at all. I prefer ‘train’ instead. I train for something specific: to be as strong, fast, and agile as I can possibly be. I have a training program designed for me, by a Coach, that has been testedContinue reading “How Many Days Per Week Do You Train?”