Not 100% Healthy.

The other day my ego received a bit of a blow.

I realized that I was not 100% healthy.

Whatever that means.

I mean, of course, how could one be?

But I think for a little while, I thought that I was close.

Or at least, that I nothing was going to slow me down.

Don’t worry, I’ll be fine, and, I’m not slowing down.

But the point here is that when you identify with something, and that something turns out to not actually be your identity, then, it can hurt.

So for me, I’m a Health Coach. I’m ‘the Organic food guy’.

But I need to remember that I can still get sick or have a health issue, just like anyone else.

Just because I’m a Health Coach doesn’t mean that I’m impervious.

And also, just because I’m not invincible, that doesn’t mean I’m not very healthy either.

Just not 100%.

Maybe 99%.

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