The Trap

The other day I almost fell into the trap.

The trap of feeling sorry for myself. The trap of feeling ungrateful, and blaming things on others.

I was thrown off first in the morning by not being able to get my workout in before work.

Missing a workout irritates me greatly, because it’s very rare. It doesn’t stop the show for the day; I’m usually able to get it in later. But it begins to weigh on my mind with every passing minute as the day goes on.

Then I started to get bogged down in the kind of work that was not on my list, but that I could not ignore.

It was some administrative stuff. Yes, it was important to the customers, so it was truly important. That has value, for sure.

But it wasn’t any of the projects that I planned to do, nor was it something that only I could do … except no one else was in a position to do it. So I had no choice.

Several hours later, and before you know it, the day is almost over with no time left for what I call ‘special projects’; things that really drive value and create new business.

That’s where the trap is, right there … right at the end of the unexpected, and at the beginning of your next choice.

In that moment, you can choose to either move forward, cut your losses, and learn from them.

Or, you can choose to stand still, and let even more time (and opportunity) pass you by, while you sull.

For a few minutes, I did sulk, inwardly. I’ll admit.

That’s fine. I’m not completely superhuman.

Gratitude is one thing that helps me recover and push through those moments.

Sure, sometimes the work isn’t roses, but I do love my job, and I’m thankful for it.

That’s a good place to start if you’re feeling stuck.

Another one that’s helpful is simply to go outside for ten minutes and take a quick nature break.

Or do something that’s not work, to reset your mind.

Whatever it is, be mindful of the trap.

The trap of blame is tempting, but, it only leaves you stuck right where you don’t want to be.

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