Paying Attention To Your Yin

Someone suggested to me the other day that ‘they can’t get more than a few hours of sleep’.

I challenged them respectfully to consider paying attention to some form of, or adding some small percentage of ‘stillness’ to their day.

If you are also thinking that ‘there’s no way you can slow down, or rest more’, think again.

It may be something as little as dimming the lights 20 minutes before bed, just so that the photo-receptors in your eyeballs start to tell your brain that it’s time for bed. Whatever it is that works for you.

Even for the person with the highest energy motor out there, I believe that a small amount of attention to the ‘yin’ will make you even more powerful.

I do not want you to stop all of your hard-charging, moving forward at full speed action.

I want you to be able to continue for as long as possible.

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