How To Eat

Last Friday I said that ‘figuring out how to eat is more than just putting food into your body’.

Simply putting anything into your body from your pantry, the menu at the restaurant, the supermarket, even, if it’s in accordance with what you think you know about food, is not really eating.

At least, not if you define eating as ‘eating properly for your body’.

That is more like guessing, taking a shortcut, and hoping that what someone else said works.

There is a way to eat properly for your body – I’m calling that eating for short – and it is not complicated.

It is simple, but not easy. (That’s the way all things that work seem to be.)

It’s simple because your ancestors did it for many thousands of years, with no diet books, lab coats, studies, blood tests, commercials, pills, or headlines. So it’s not about more knowledge.

It is about applied knowledge, and, that is the hard part: the application.

But also, applied knowledge is power.

You start by taking a brief quiz to determine your metabolic type. From there, you move forward, constantly testing what works well, and what does not, for you, with regards to the proportions of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats on your plate.

That’s it. Of course, I could go into much more detail than that, but it really is that simple. My favorite resource for learning more about this process and trying it this book.

Sure, you could hire me, or someone else to walk you through that. But the reason that book was written was specifically so that you could do it on your own, virtually for free.

Going back to what we said a few minutes ago, the thing about application is that it is hard. Most people do not do the work.

So the real question is not ‘how do you do it?’

The real question is, ‘are you going to do it, or not?’

Now, to be fair, many people need a Coach. I need a Coach. (I have more than one.)

But if you are the kind of person who is largely self-motivated, able to follow a book from beginning to end, and execute the plan, go for it.

If, on the other hand, you thrive from personal interaction, connection, and accountability, just ask. All questions to me are confidential, and, if I cannot help you, then I’m happy to refer you to someone who can.

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