What’s Possible After You Figure Out Food?

This is a follow up to Friday May 29th’s post, in which I told you that:

Food is just the beginning. [I write about food] because of what’s next, of what’s possible after you figure out food.

So, what’s possible after you figure out food?

I was explaining to a client on Zoom the other day:

If you accept that there are four key areas to your health: Nutrition, Strength, Calm, & Love.

Or as Paul Chek calls them: Diet, Movement, Quiet, & Happiness.

Or elementally: Earth, Fire, Air, & Water.

Or alternatively: Food, Exercise, Rest, & Spirituality.

There are more, but, no matter. Whichever words you’re comfortable with, if you can accept for this post that there are four key pillars to your health, then you can begin to see what happens when you learn how to eat.

These keys to health are not in silos. It is not the case that you can eat & exercise well, have a regular spiritual practice, but ignore your body’s need to recover without detriment to all four areas (and the whole system).

They are integrated. The human body is a system of systems.

We actually have very little understanding of how this all works. It is far, far from the case that we can explain this. Nor I am sure that we need to be able to.

(If you don’t believe that, and instead you believe that we do know how the human body works, go and find the smartest person you can and ask them to write it down for you.)

We just need to know that it’s all connected. This knowledge alone is tremendously empowering, which brings me back to the original question: what is possible when you figure out how to eat?

It becomes possible to grow and evolve in each of the other three areas to your highest potential.

Imagine being able to tap into vast, almost boundless amounts of energy through proper rest and exercise.

Imagine being so tuned in with your body that you can focus better, solve more complex problems, and perform better at your work.

Imagine releasing pent up emotions and unblocking key relationship problems because your body and mind were ready to.

Those are the kinds of things that are possible after you figure out how to eat, which is more than just putting food into your body, of course.

In fact, let’s stop there and address that final point more next week.

Enjoy your weekends!

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