Who Are You, Really?

I’ve been at both ends of the health spectrum:

Extremely unhealthy …. and feeling great.

Depressed … and full of vitatlity.

Overweight … and in good shape.

You get the point.

One of the problems that arises at the ‘left’ side of that spectrum is that the longer you are there, the more permanent it feels.

You start to tell yourself that ‘you’ll always be this way’. That ‘there’s no way things can change’. That ‘this is who you are’.

Except that’s just not true. The emotions and cognition are very real, but they are not accurate.

Things are always changing, and so are you.

You’re not stuck.

You might need help, but you are definitely not stuck where you are forever.

You won’t go from ‘left’ to ‘right’ overnight.

But you can move one step forward each day.

‘Who you are’ is not the same thing as ‘how you look and feel today’.

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