Please, Interrupt My Meditation. Thank you!

As I’ve mentioned many times, the first thing I do almost every morning is meditate.

What I haven’t told you is that I am regularly ‘interrupted’ during my meditation.

Now I will explain why ‘interrupted’ is in quotes.

You see, my son gets up early like me, and he loves to hang out, play, and sometimes needs help with his remote schoolwork.

So for various reasons, he’s often asking me questions while I’m sitting.

That’s the most common example; there are others, if I happen to be doing it in the afternoon or evening.

Here’s the thing: I welcome the questions. I welcome the ‘interruptions’.

I do not close the door, or tell everyone in my family that I am ‘off limits’ while practicing.

If a successful meditation practice depends on me never experiencing any interruptions, not only would that be unrealistic and out of my control, but I wouldn’t even really be practicing equanimity, would I? I would essentially be trying to practice … sitting still without being interrupted.

That’s not what meditation is about.

It’s about be extraordinarily happy, without being dependent on any external circumstance.

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