The Power In Your Heart

Next time you’re speaking with someone, try shifting your attention from your head (from your thinking brain) to your heart (where you actually feel love, empathy, and compassion).

This is not a conceptual, theoretical, or imaginary thing.

This is a physical, tangible, practical action I am asking you to take.

Almost certainly your instinctual habit during conversation is to “use your brain to think about what’s best to say next”. This comes with many layers of consequence.

Your thoughts, as you know, are greatly influenced by a myriad of factors, and often they are all over the place – not at all focused on what really matters most to the other person (or even to you).

Your heart, on the other hand, powers a vastly different kind of response.

It’s much more thoughtful, considerate, and loving.

It allows you to be who the other people needs you to be most in the moment.

And you can actually feel it. You can feel the epicenter of power shift from the center of your forehead, down to the center of your heart. (This might also be thought of as a chakra, energy center, or dantian.)

There is a time to use your brain power, but that’s more likely when you’re solving a problem, or creating something.

There is a power in your heart that can make you a great communicator, if you choose to tap into it.

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