Why Do I Write About Food?

When I think about my Vitality over the last forty years, charted on a graph, it looks like a capital ‘V’ written in script. Why did I take such a big dip down in the middle, and back up again in the present day?

There are many factors that contribute to Vitality. I’ll list a few: Nutrition, Movement, Joy, Spirituality, Career, Creativity, Finances, Home Life, & Relationships.

One could write a small (or large) book about each one.

They all need to be ‘watered’ and tended to.

Any one of them, if left to its own devices (or worse, if willfully sabotaged), can drag down the others, just as various weeds might overtake a healthy garden.

It’s the first one, Nutrition, that (in my opinion) is the most fundamental of them all.

One one hand, poor Nutrition will block you from reaching your potential in all of the other areas.

On the other hand, dialed-in Nutrition can open up the floodgates of change. It can be the catalyst to transform all of your potential energy into applied growth, in all other areas.

It’s like a release; a key that unblocks things.

Granted, yes, you might achieve that release by doing work in other areas first. In fact, that’s how it went for me.

I didn’t change my food first. I spent years doing inner, emotional work before I worked on my diet.

I had a lot of support but, I didn’t have a Nutrition Coach, map, or other person (at first) to guide me in that area.

When I did find that help, everything else started to change more rapidly, resulting in greatly improved Vitality.

So, why do I write and talk about food so often?

It’s not because of the food. It’s because food is just the beginning.

It’s because of what’s next, of what’s possible after you figure out food.

What’s possible after you figure out food?

That is also another book, or at least another post. I’ll answer that next Friday.

Food is at the heart of your Vitality.

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