Finding Your Voice

Even though I live on a quiet street and know most of my neighbors, I’m still a little bit afraid to chant in my true voice while on my front lawn.

The chants should simply be done in my own voice, but, I often find myself holding it back, because, “what if passerby hear me, and think I’m really weird?”

For more context, I’m speaking about rhythmic, out-loud chanting that I do during certain Qigong practices.

For more context, the actual odds of a neighbor passing by are super low, and, those that do already know I’m weird, because they always see me doing other ‘weird’ stuff while walking their dogs.

And who really cares? But still, my lizard brain does.

I think that finding your voice is just a matter of building up more & more confidence, little by little, one day at a time, as much as you can, in everything that you do.

It’s not likely that one book, blog post, or ‘aha’ moment is going to release the Kraaken.

I’ll add this: when you do finally let go, it feels really, really good.

I’ll practice more.

I’d like to hear more from you, too.

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