Your Weight Is Just One Number

I regularly measure many variables connected to my health, but my weight is not one of them.

I do occasionally get on the scale, but in general I am not overly concerned with the number of pounds that I weigh.

Why not?

Well, I’m more concerned with measuring things that relate to my goals, and which I have a good understanding of their meaning.

For example, I rigorously measure my: weightlifting numbers (as a gauge of strength & performance); my sleep, meditation, and HRV (as a gauge of recovery); and my running times (as a gauge of speed & endurance).

When I weigh myself in conjunction with that information, it makes a lot more sense.

Many people ask me about their weight, or come to me with the sole goal of losing weight, and that’s totally fine.

It’s just rarely the only thing to consider.

Consider also, even if you aren’t interested in exercise:

Don’t the kinds foods that you’re eating matter?

What about the shape of your body?

How well can you move, and how do you feel while doing it?

There’s a lot more to good health than a number on a scale.

Sometimes relaxing a bit, and taking the sole focus of your attention off of one number can help.

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