Change Is Coming

The other day my son asked me at breakfast, completely unprompted, “Dad, what’s the toughest change you’ve ever been through?”

Great question! (I told him so.)

I thought for a minute and then told him about the time that I had to close down my 97-year-old family business, which involved a lot of turmoil, pressure, negotiation, and stress.

I remember at the end of all of that I had to fire the whole staff, some of whom had been working there longer than me, which was twenty years.

A couple of things about change:

It is always coming, whether you admit it, or not.

In that example above, a big reason what that became so hard was that we did not see or act on the changes that were coming soon enough.

When you choose not to act, when you avoid making a decision, that is also a decision.

So, since we know that change is coming, that leaves a few questions:

Will you shape it? Will you set the course of change in the direction you believe it should go?

Will you lead the others? Will you help them to feel safe, and follow you to where they need to be? Even if they don’t know it?

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