You Might Need To Slow Down.

What I’m about to tell you won’t change the number to things on your plate today, but it might change how you approach them.

I’m sure you know those kind of days; where when you wake up, you already start to feel like there’s not enough time. Like there is no way you’ll get it all done.

Today is one of those days for me.

And if you’re anything like me, in the past, whenever there’s a lot on your plate, sure, you can power through it all, go full speed, and tackle everything in a frenzied manner, and sometimes even ‘come out on top’.

There is an altertnative.

First, just stop for a moment before you get started and note what’s happening.

You’ve been here before, and you’ll be here again. You’ve survived. You can survive again.

It’s possible that, instead of moving forward as fast as possible, you can take the opposite approach, and move forward as slowly as possible.

It sounds counter-intuitive, but, think about it:

Did you really come out on top with the ‘as fast as possible’ approach in the past?

Did you put out your best work with that method?

Did you make the best decisions?

Did you remember to breathe?

Did you treat everyone around you with love and compassion?

Do you ever remember what life was like at all on days like that?

And finally, when you rush, do you really ‘finish everything you need to do’?

Or did more come in while you were rushing?

It always does.

The truth is that, if you don’t think you have a moment to pause and reflect on this today, then you need two moments to do so, not one.

The truth is that if you move forward with deliberate care and intention, you will select only the most important things that matter the most, and you will do those well.

The truth is that most other things do not have to be done today, or, right now, or when you think they might.

Good luck, and, breathe.

One thought

  1. I love this post. Life is not always about achieving and to-do lists. It’s about intentionality and doing the most important projects on your plate. Great reminder – 🙏 Jess

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