What Is Willpower?

Is it something that you either ‘have a lot of’, or not?

Is it a skill you can build up, like speaking languages or shooting free throws?

I’m not so sure those are the case.

I think about willpower a little bit like a savings account:

You can build it up, and withdraw from it – but not infinitely.

Even if you have tremendous willpower reserves, too many temptations will cause you to overdraw.

So you need to align your environment, habits, and knowledge all to support your willpower, because willpower alone will not empower you enough to always make the best choice for you.

For example:

What’s in your pantry? If you’re walking by a tempting comfort food every night, after a hard day’s work, when you’re emotionally and physically tired, and this is a comfort food that brings back warm memories from childhood, what do you really think is going to happen eventually?

You already know.

Willpower can help you, a lot.

But it needs help too.

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