Are You Overthinking This?

Paul Chek teaches that there are only three choices a person can make in any given situation:

  1. The optimal
  2. The sub-optimal
  3. Do nothing & gather more information

Now, we can go deeper into each one, but, if you have all of the information possible, then it’s not a matter of ‘knowing’ the ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ choice.

It’s a matter of making the best possible choice you can right now. Then you can reassess, collecting more information as you move forward.

I’ll add my own thought to this:

Whenever I’m having a hard time selecting ‘which choice is optimal’, I try to get really quiet, and go with what my gut, or my intuition tells me. Here are two specific ways I do that:

  1. Put down everything you’re working on & looking at. Get away from your screen. Go & sit in a quiet place, empty your mind completely for ten minutes, and just listen.
  2. If you’ve been working on it all day, and/or the decision can wait until tomorrow, then sleep on it.

Good luck!

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