Three Points Of View

“It’s completely irrational and ridiculous open up the economy. Allowing more people to go into close contact with each other now will lead to many more deaths. That idea is horrifying, and really, really scary for me.”

“It’s completely irrational and ridiculous to continue strict lockdown policies. We need to open the economy up as soon as possible, or else we’ll throw this country into an horrible depression, which will hurt even more people than the virus itself will. On top of that, I’m scared too. I have already felt the effects of this, and I don’t know what I will do if it gets worse.”

“I understand why you are scared, and you are right. I’m scared too. However you feel, it’s OK. Wherever you are coming from, whatever pain and fear you are feeling, that is real. How can we figure this out together, in a way that you are comfortable?”

When we refuse to accept that the other person is also right, we halt progress. We push each other farther away.

When we fully accept and acknowledge where the other person is, no matter how we feel, unconditionally, then we can begin to move things forward, together.

We are all emotional, we are all irrational. That’s who we are. We’re not robots, so we shouldn’t act like them.

The interesting thing about the third point of view is that it includes any other one (and there are many others) you can come up with, and it also works with any issue you’d like to discuss.

This post isn’t about the coronavirus at all. It’s about how empathy for each other can help us get out of this, together.

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