A Few Quick & Cheap Organic Health Food Tips

What are some helpful things I’ve been doing to eat well these last (almost) two months, that might be helpful for you?

Buy bulk, organic whenever possible, versatile dry goods such as: rice, oats, buckwheat, lentils, mushrooms, & pasta (with clean ingredients). These you get a lot of bang for your buck, in more ways than one. They’re cheap, nutritionally dense (which means filling & satisfying), and they can be prepared as the base to thousands of dishes.

I love to eat eggs & meat, but it’s not likely that you’re eating only meat at every meal right now. When combined with some of the above (how much depends on your metabolic type), you’re doing great.

Homemade protein bars. There are a myriad of recipes out there. Here’s my favorite. Please share if you have others. The point is more about having some real food to grab quickly, made in advance. I snack a lot in between meals, and I don’t like to pay triple for a similar (or even less nutritious) bar at a store. If you have access to hemp or chia seeds, add something like that in for an extra boost:

Caravaggio Bars

My days of strolling the aisles for fresh organic produce are on pause, so in the meantime I’m totally fine with frozen fruits & veggies. I make a lot of smoothies. You can freeze bananas, or just about anything, before they go bad.

Busy? I’m pretty busy too. Cook once, eat at least twice. Not new advice, but a reminder. Bake a tray or two of breakfast muffins like these, and freeze what you can’t eat in the first two or three days. Now you have breakfast covered for a week or two.

Banana, Almond, Coconut, CC Muffins

Never throw away vegetable or animal scraps. Make broth instead. Ends of broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, celery, onion, bones, cartilage, etc.

When you boil these things in water, like this …

Broth Boiling

… all of the nutrition that was in the scraps goes into the water.

Then, when you cook rice in the broth (instead of just water), all of the nutrition and flavor goes … into the rice.

You’ve just turned regular white rice, using nothing that cost you even $0.01 additional, because you were going to throw it away anyway, into super flavored & healthier rice.

Also, bake cookies at least once per week. That’s an order.

Questions about something in your pantry? About where your food comes from? Suggestions to add to this list? Let me know below.

Coach Matt

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