The Work Is The Reward

Yes, the paycheck is part of the reward as well.

Yes, so is the testimonial from that satisfied client.

Yes, so is how you look in the mirror, or in a bathing suit, after all of those push-ups.

But it’s not just the end result that comprises the reward.

It is also the work itself.

Those extra reps you did when no one was watching, and no one cared.

That extra research you did to get the client the most perfect information possible.

And all of those hours you put in every week, all along the way.

All of that isn’t nothing. It’s something, and, it is a gift.

Now, if it doesn’t feel that way, then, what are you working towards, exactly? That might just simply be a case of misaligned goals or dreams.

But when you’re working towards a shared vision, you’ll be grateful for the toughest parts of the job.

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