Connection During Corona

You may or may not remember life before cellphones were invented. If you do, you’ll recall that when you wanted to go over and visit someone at their house, you either:

  • Called ahead using the landline phone to plan it, and assumed that the other party would be there as agreed, or;
  • Simply just went over to check if they were home, and either knocked on their door, rang their bell, or threw a small rock at the side of their house.

There was no other way to check. There was none of this ‘constant updating and checking in’ with where everybody was practically every minute of the day.

There certainly weren’t any apps that tracked the exact location of your family by the second. If you were supposed to be home, at work, or school, then, that’s where you were. It was simply understood, expected, and agreed upon.

One of the small things that the coronavirus has gifted me is a return to that feeling, albeit not exactly the same, because we do still have cellphones.

But my children now know what it’s like to simply go on a bike ride around the neighborhood and ‘see who’s home’ without knowing in advance. (From across the street.)

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with just showing up once in awhile to say hello to someone.

You can use your cellphone to do that do. It’s not a matter of what method you use, it’s a question of your mindset regarding connection.

Real connection isn’t scrolling down a feed.

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