Your Food Dollars

Because we’re not eating out, many small food businesses are struggling right now.

That’s obvious. These are my customers, I speak to them directly, and hear things like this:

“Sadly, [name removed] is closed now due to COVID 19, and I really don’t know when/if we’ll be able to reopen. All of our restaurant/hotel/catering clients have shut down, and I have so much anxiety about my staff commuting on the subway to come to work, there wasn’t much choice.”

Where you spend your food dollars matters, on many levels. Not just in the above context. I’ll explain.

First, at the ‘I’ level: At the most basic, primary level, when you invest in eating high quality, locally grown or made organic foods, you build a strong body and mind. You put your health first, in a preventative way, and you become the healthiest possible version of yourself. This will also save you real money, as you will have to spend less money on healthcare.

Second, at the ‘We’ level: The next level is your dream team, your family and closed loved ones. When you lead by example in this area, not only do you put yourself in the best possible position to help them, they will follow you, and do the same thing for themselves.

Also within the ‘We’ level is the example of small businesses above. When you spend your dollars with ethical, local companies, those dollars go directly to building a stronger community.

Third is the ‘All’ level. This level is the typically the most difficult to think about, but it is easy to see right now. When catastrophe hits (and it always does), weaknesses in our systems get exposed. Right now, you can very clearly see where the instabilities in our healthcare and economy were sitting all along.

But to tie this last one, the ‘All’ level, more directly back to you, when you spend a dollar at ShopRite, it does not simply go into the drawer, and then later that week into the paycheck of the freckled high-school kid who checked you out.

Where you spend your dollar has much more power than that. The massive sales that large food companies reap (from us) all year long is what builds up their humongous cash reserves, and enables them to continue all kinds of practices that are weakening our government, economy, and planet.

I won’t go into all of the ways that occurs right now, but, here is one example. A large portion of the dollars you & I pay in taxes go to subsidize ‘cheap’ foods, thereby making them more expensive than they appear to you at checkout. Those foods destroy local farming economies, make you sick, and overburden our healthcare system (which you also pay for).

Fixing our food system is the key to stabilizing our country’s economy in the long run. Where you spend your dollars on food really, really matters tomorrow.

Don’t just take my word for it. Read this book, depending on when Amazon can deliver it.

We will get through this difficult time, and I sincerely hope that you and your loved ones suffer as little pain as possible.

It is also my hope, and what I’ve been writing to you about all along, that we can, one dollar at a time, build a stronger, healthier future together.

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