There’s Nothing Wrong With You.

About twenty years ago, I shut myself indoors for several months, and avoided contact with as many people as possible. Except, there wasn’t a viral pandemic going on back then. I was going through an internal depression. I never thought that anyone else could possibly understand what I was feeling. So I never said aContinue reading “There’s Nothing Wrong With You.”

Is This Work Good Enough?

How do you know that your work is good enough? Not to be rhetorical or cryptic, but, you always know when it is. It’s when you don’t know that it’s probably not. If you’re asking yourself that question, then, you having poured everything you possibly can into it. You haven’t let your guard down, youContinue reading “Is This Work Good Enough?”

“When This Is Over …” (Part II)

Two weeks ago I wrote a post titled “when this is over”, highlighting how poor we are at predicting the future, but also how we can shape our own destinies through our behaviors today. Right after publishing that, as I usually do on Friday mornings, I went into my gym to train. Almost immediately IContinue reading ““When This Is Over …” (Part II)”