Education & Connection

Before there was Tik-Tok, Tostitos, television, and even toilet paper, we figured out how to survive. We will, again, today.

One thing that humanity could never have survived without is love. Even in the most horrible times you can think of, at some point, in some way, love for each other ultimately keeps us together, moving forward.

If you have food, shelter, and practice love, you’re going to make it. Of course, today, part of love includes being safe and responsible; if I physically distance myself from you, it is not because I don’t like you. It is because I love you, and want to keep you safe.

There is a difference between simply surviving and thriving, however, which is what I write about every day. In our own ways we all want to thrive, not just have enough to eat with a roof over our heads.

Some things that might help you thrive right now are: evidence, reason, support, creativity, learning, and self-improvement, to name a few.

So I’ll share here today some of the resources I find helpful right now. There are many, many others.

Awesome audio content for young kids at Pinna.

Myths about coronavirus from my friends as Examine, an independent research site.

Dr. Mercola’s coronavirus research page. He runs the #1 natural health site in the world, but, you won’t find it in typical Google searches, because he’s been blacklisted.

For health & fitness professionals struggling with their business right now, the Coalition of Health & Fitness leaders.

And also, me; you can schedule a free health coaching call with me while you’re home, right now.

Education and connection. That’s what’s going to get us through this.

That, and, you should probably bake some gluten-free cookies too.

If you don’t like to bake, you can try By The Way Bakery (Manhattan, Westchester, or Connecticut) or Allie’s in Nassau, they’re still open.

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