Right Now

The thing about taking good care of yourself right now is that it can go either way.

If you let it, it can become a slippery slope into a far less healthy version of yourself. Or, you can take small, consistent, actionable steps towards becoming the strongest version of yourself.

Right now.

Now, some of you may be thinking, ‘right now’ isn’t the best time for this conversation, because you’re focused on personal uncertainty, economic hardship, or something even worse.

Except in that case, which we are all in together, how you decide to take care of your health right now matters even more.

I’ll give you a personal example.

I haven’t always been healthy and in great shape. In fact, there was once a time in my life when I was completely sedentary, overweight, and depressed.

You do not arrive there overnight. It actually takes time an effort. Except, in this example the effort is negative effort.

It doesn’t begin by sleeping all day, drinking at night, and then eating a whole pie of pizza at 2 AM.

It begins with a small decision not to do one thing.

Then, when you add other factors in, things start to compound.

Right now, we have several major factors at play which are out of our control.

That’s why it is not OK to start letting poor habits creep in or get worse ‘because you’ll deal with them later’.

Your well-being is one of the few things that is within your control, and, with positive actions, it will better equip you to deal with all of those other things (that we call, life).

If you’re not sure about how to adjust your previous routine to the current environment, or if you’re not sure how to begin working positive habits into your life at all, that’s what I do as a Health Coach. I work with you on how to integrate diet, movement, and lifestyle changes into your day.

Right now you can schedule a free, confidential, no-strings attached 45-minute call with me by clicking here.

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