Getting Drawn Into ‘Nothing’

It’s easier than ever these days to get sucked into nothing.

By ‘nothing’ I mean nothing that actually helps you grow.

The prime example is the double-edged sword that you carry in your pocket everywhere you go. On one side, it is a powerful supercomputer that can put you in touch with millions of people and a vast wealth of information in an instant. On the other, it opens the door for you to give your attention away to anyone who will take it from you. And, just to be clear, there are many, many people and companies that will do everything in their power to do just that.

This is not a rant against smart phones. I have one.

They’re great, as long as you are the user and it is the product; not the other way around.

It’s more than just smart phones. Powerful forces are actually conspiring (not a theory) to take as much of your attention away from you as possible, in more ways today than ever before, and this will only continue to intensify.

I slip into these traps myself occasionally. I’m usually pretty good about it, meaning that I can notice within a minute or two that I’ve begun looking at something that I didn’t plan to look at when I started.

I do not like giving up my time something that doesn’t deserve it. That’s what I call ‘getting sucked into nothing’.

If I want to scroll through my Facebook or LinkedIn feeds as a planned activity with a purpose for a set number of minutes, that’s one thing.

If I’m becoming addicted to doing it out of habit, that’s another thing completely.

I don’t know about you, but I want to have my eyes wide open to the difference.

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