Holding Your Breath?

Obviously there are many rumors and tons of misinformation floating around out there right now. It’s usually not created with bad intentions, but, you must question everything these days. One seemingly harmless one that I heard was ‘if you can hold your breath for ten seconds, then you’re safe; you don’t have the coronavirus’. OKContinue reading “Holding Your Breath?”

The Time To Attack Life Is Now.

I am fired up these days. I am attacking the gym, attacking my work, attacking my reading and learning, attacking my schedule, attacking my cooking and nutrition, attacking my family time. I will not sit back and wait for ‘things to get better’ or for ‘when this is over’. Now is the time to attack.Continue reading “The Time To Attack Life Is Now.”

4 Tips For Productivity At Home

If you’re working from home these days with kids in the house, you may have already learned that you have less ‘quiet, focus’ time than you did in the office … … unless you take measures and draw clear boundaries. This will vary a little bit with the age of the children, but in general,Continue reading “4 Tips For Productivity At Home”