The 7 Basics of Weight Loss

Losing weight is simple, but not easy.

Don’t over-complicate it. That just makes it harder.

The basics of how to lose weight are:

(1) Eat right for your body type

I’ve covered this in more depth in previous posts. It does take some learning, practice, trial, and error.

(2) Do not ‘diet’ or ‘cut calories’

Also written about many times before, these methods simply do not stick or last. That’s why diet products continue to be a billion dollar industry.

(3) Eat regularly (snacks, smaller meals, breakfast)

This does not mean I am against occasionally fasting, but, generally speaking, I favor eating consistently throughout the day.

(4) Drink plenty of water

Low hanging fruit that many people miss. You’re often actually thirsty when you think you’re hungry.

(5) Exercise properly

I’ll be following up more on how to do this next week in depth.

(6) Eat nutrient dense, organic foods

Meals full of properly dense, real foods should leave you satisfied for about four hours afterwards, not feeling hungry or tired soon after, with a headache.

(7) Sleep!

You need to go to bed. Like, by 10:00 PM, preferably not with a lot of stimuli (food, electronics, stress) right before bed either.


You cannot beat or cheat the basics.

Your body is way, way too smart for that.

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