I’m Fired Up

I don’t usually write journal style blog posts, but, yesterday was the kind of day that fired me up.

I had plan for what was already going to be an ‘altered’ work day: a full amount of work, with a personal obligation right in the middle.

Nothing special if you’re married with kids; this happens all the time.

Until my kitchen flooded right when I was about to start my work.

It would have been very easy to panic, complain, or crumble right there, with water dripping down from the floor of the kitchen in through the ceiling of the basement.

Instead, when it was all fixed, cleaned up and dried a few hours later, I took a look around at what was left of the day, and realized: plenty.

In fact, my schedule was already already so ‘messy’ that I just went into the garage and trained for thirty minutes.

Plenty of time left to make a few calls, take the kids off the bus, and even cook dinner.

Most emails can wait.

No plan is secure or solid if it’s inflexible.

Always be willing to bend, shuffle, and rearrange.

Don’t just roll with the punches.

Roll right over them and punch back.

These kinds of days make other kinds of men and women crumble, but not me. You won’t hear me say ‘when it rains it pours’, or, ‘it’s all shot to sh*t’.

No way. Bring it on. These kinds of days are what make me stronger.

They fire me up.

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