The Power of 1

I started publishing 1 post every Friday to my Facebook page in July of 2018.

Today it’s up to about 85 total. Thank you for reading. Many of you mention to me that you look forward to reading it, and, that means a lot.

So, from 1, we get up to almost 100 pretty quick.

But I don’t just publish 1 blog post every Friday. I publish 1 blog post every day. I started that daily habit on June 7th …

… of 2013.

2,062 posts are registered in my current WordPress site. I lost some when I wrote on another domain for awhile, so it’s actually closer to 2,400 posts in all.

It’s possible that I missed one or two days, but, it’s been a really long time since that happened. I’m pretty disciplined about it.

So, how do you write over 2,000 blog posts?

The very same way that you transform your body, grow a business, or accomplish anything of significance:

1 day, 1 rep, 1 meal, 1 glass of water at a time. Plus persistence. (0 shortcuts.)

If you improved your health 1% per day starting today, you would be completely transformed, 100%, in under 4 months.

If you practiced 5 sets of 5 push-ups every morning (which can be done in under five minutes), and just added 1 rep to each set every month, you would go from being able to do 25 push-ups today, to 80 by New Year’s Eve.

1 step at a time is all you need.

1 more thing: I’m starting a new FB page today for my Coaching practice. I hope you’ll check it out. I hope you’ll check it out.

Thank you for reading!

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