The Scale of Vitality

Some days, I write to you because you’re working hard at change and self-improvement, and I see you becoming the best possible version of yourself through dietary, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual efforts.

Some days, I write to you because I know that you’re nowhere near there yet. In fact, it’s because I see you, stuck, alone, and struggling to even care just a little bit.

Now, that may sound like two different people to you, but it’s not, because I have been in both places.

Of course it’s not likely that you are in either one of those places on an alternating daily basis, and it’s possible that you have never been in one or the other extreme.

But the truth of the matter is that all lives move up and down, back and forth, left and right, along a scale of infinite possibility.

And so, while I do apologize for any confusion or seemingly erratic nature to my posts, there is good news here for you.

(Yes, you, no matter where you are on the scale of vitality.)

You have the potential to take any amount of pain, any void of feeling, any particular struggle, or any lack of energy, and transform it into an even greater source of love, wisdom, and vitality.

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