The Power of Thoughts

It is possible that there are no negative or positive things in this universe at all, and instead, that there are only things that have the potential to be either negative, or positive, or both.

I written about this before. Last week I told you that there are no bad foods, for example.

Today I was thinking about the importance of thoughts, specifically, the power of both negative and positive thinking.

I have also written about this before, many times, but in case you missed any of those posts, suffice it to say that I have plenty of experience with both, to the extreme.

Negative thinking has the power to wreak havoc on your life, destroying your physical body as well as your mental state.

The opposite is also true. When you are shown how to do so, and practice whatever technique that works for you, positive thinking will change your life.

Now let’s get little bit more clear for today:

This does not mean that one should walk around as a naive optimist all the time, nor that there are no benefits at all to pessimism, because those things are not true.

Doubt comes in handy when a stranger on 5th Avenue asks you to play three-card monte for money.

But the key is that you should not direct the negative thoughts towards yourself; you must direct them towards the situation.

This is destructive negative self-talk:

“I’ll never win at this game because I stink at cards, I’m not very smart, and I always lose everything anyway.”

This is naive optimism:

“I’ll definitely win this one because I won the last one.”

This is constructive use of pessimism:

“I should not play this game for money because this person is most likely a professional who’s skills are far advanced over mine.”

If you can consider what I said in the beginning, you will see that there is actually nothing negative about you at all.

Every negative thought that you have ever had about yourself has been just that: a thought. It can always be expressed in a different way.

The real question is, how will you choose to talk to yourself?

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