The Problem With Shortcuts

The problem with taking shortcuts when you feel like you really need to is that once you begin, you start taking shortcuts when you don’t feel like you really need to.

There is another way, a way to transform this potentially devolving trend into an evolving habit.

Instead of trying to fight or ignore the signal, recognize it and use it to your advantage. Reverse the flow of negative energy into positive.

The signal is the feeling that you really need to take a shortcut.

Taking the shortcut won’t solve the problem. Being brave and honest enough to examine the signal will.

Why do you feel like you need to take a shortcut at this very moment?

Are you tired? Would you rather be somewhere else? What is not ‘happy-making’ about this moment, this environment, for you?

99% of the time that we’re in an uncomfortable position, it is our self (whether consciously or unconsciously) that has put ourselves there.

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