Truly having a ‘win-win’ mindset takes a little bit of practice, at least, I can say that’s true for me.

Perhaps you were brought up in an environment where unconditional love, interconnectedness, and abundance were the daily standard, but I was raised in a regular suburb and went to regular school.

My parents loved me very much and I was given many opportunities, which I am grateful for.

But they weren’t Buddhist monks. And like most American towns, competition and scarcity were baked into … everything.

Only a few people could date the prettiest girls, or make the best teams, or drive the nicest cars, or get the best grades, or … etc. etc.

But the truth of the world is that there is plenty. Plenty of everything that you could ever possibly need, and more. Often it’s right in front of your face and you’re just blind to see it.

It’s not easy to shake off the cultural shackles that limit your way of thinking, but it is possible.

With practice, little by little, you can start to see how the more that you give freely, the more that comes back to you in return. The more that you help others achieve what they want, the more other will help you achieve what you want.

That’s not selfish, that’s just how it works.

What doesn’t work is ‘win-lose’ or ‘lose-win’. Those always end up as ‘lose-lose’ in the long run.

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