What Did You Want To Be When You Were A Kid?

The other day my son asked me, “What did you want to be when you were a kid?” Forty years of my life’s career path played like a movie in my head, going in reverse. I watched how well I was living in congruence with the true answer to his question overlaid against four distinctContinue reading “What Did You Want To Be When You Were A Kid?”

The Problem With Shortcuts

The problem with taking shortcuts when you feel like you really need to is that once you begin, you start taking shortcuts when you don’t feel like you really need to. There is another way, a way to transform this potentially devolving trend into an evolving habit. Instead of trying to fight or ignore theContinue reading “The Problem With Shortcuts”

But, What Will You Get Out Of It?

That’s what people often want to know when you’re about to step into something new and uncertain. Perhaps it will be a ‘failure’, nothing more than a learning experience. Perhaps not. Perhaps we cannot predict what it will become. Perhaps that’s exactly the point. If everyone knew exactly what would happen at the end, thenContinue reading “But, What Will You Get Out Of It?”

Is This Good, or Bad for Me?

By far, one of the most frequently asked questions I get is “is this good, or bad for me?” By ‘this’ I mean all sorts of foods, supplements, drinks, exercises, and more. Here is the answer: it depends. If you spend any significant amount of time learning about health and wellness, you’ll find that theContinue reading “Is This Good, or Bad for Me?”

How Much Water Should I Drink?

Well, it depends, but about half of your bodyweight in ounces per day is a good baseline. If you’re drinking far less than that, it’s probably not enough. If you’re drinking twice that much or more, it may be too much. Other pertinent questions that might help uncover more are: How often are you peeing?Continue reading “How Much Water Should I Drink?”