Training On The Road

I always take opportunities away from home as opportunities to mix up my training.

My standard schedule is 3-4 sessions of strength & performance training per week, in my home gym, where I have everything I need.

I usually train in 3-4 week cycles, or blocks.

I had a vacation scheduled for this week, which was also supposed to be the 4th week of a fun cycle that I didn’t want to miss.

So I compressed all 4 weeks into 3 in advance, in order to have the 4th week open to do whatever I wanted.

I’ll use it for a ‘deload’ and focus on bodyweight movements, massage, relaxation, sports, and running.

The compressed three weeks were also a fun experiment. I knew I would be a little more sore and banged up than usual, so, I added in lots of extra sleep.

These are the things that you need to do to grow.

You need to dial in to all aspects of training: mental, physical, and spiritual.

All aspects of the physical: rest and nutrition count.

You won’t become as strong as you can possibly be without a holistic approach.

It’s that simple.

It’s not easy to implement, but it’s damned sure worth it.

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