Confused About Health?

There is still a lot of confusion about how to be healthy.

Here on LinkedIn that feels funny to say: we’re a group of good, smart, talented people; the health & wellness sector has been growing & trending steadily for the past decade, at least; more people are taking control of their health every day.

But we’re still often confused about how to be healthy.

In case you’re wondering who I am, and why I’m writing LinkedIn articles for you on the last Wednesday of every month, I’ll fill you in:

Over the last twenty years, my own personal health journey took me from a place where I was depressed, out of shape, overweight, and just about as unhealthy as a person could possibly be, to a place today where I have transformed my mind, body, & soul. Along that journey I started coaching others as to how they could do the same.

That’s the super abbreviated version. We can get into more details later.

I have been writing about that journey every single day since June of 2013, about six-and-a-half years to date, well over 2,000 posts on my personal blog.

I knew that I had to write something for you here on LinkedIn, but I knew that it couldn’t be a daily blog post. We’re all far too busy for that. Once a month sounded about right.

Why? It’s as I said above: there is still a lot of confusion among us working professionals about food, exercise, stress, relationships, and how to make changes in those areas.

Even among those of who are in the health and wellness sector, so, don’t feel so bad if you’re in finance. I’ve spoken with doctors who are completely lost when it comes to nutrition, and observed many unhealthy practices at organic food shows.

All of that is OK. Wherever you are right now is completely fine.

This stuff is not easy. It may be simple, but it’s not easy, because making changes takes hard work.

So my hope in writing to you, the smart, talented, hard working person, is to help make taking some of those difficult steps a little bit easier.

This is very important to me. This is my thing. This is how I believe we can change the world: by first looking inside of ourselves.

So I’ll come back to you every month, hopefully with something helpful and different.

Enjoy your Holidays!

Be well,

Matt Fried

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