Clearing Limiting Expectations

Sometimes not counting how exactly much weight is on the bar is a good thing.

To be clear, I do not recommend this for inexperienced lifters.

If you are an experienced lifter, you’ll certainly be able to relate.

However, either way, pay attention, because there’s an important mindset piece here that applies outside of the gym.

If you’re familiar with how much you can squat, for example, you track your maximum lifts and know what your records are.

Sometimes you go after those records in a very calculating way, building up throughout the workout specifically to beat them.

But sometimes, when you focus too much on your previous limitations, you can actually limit what yourself from achieving what your body is capable of.

Sometimes, if you just go for it fearlessly, knowing that you’re approaching your limits, but not checking each pound or kilogram closely as you go, until you’re done, you might just end up a lot heavier than might have expected.

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