Food Temptations Are Not Permanent

Something interesting that happens to me now when I see a case full of fresh baked goods, a display full of candy, or an intriguing dessert menu …

… nothing. I’m not tempted at all, not even for a second.

I point this out because it’s a question I’m frequently asked: “Matt, don’t you miss gluten?”

No, I don’t. Ever since I removed gluten and processed foods from my diet, the sight of those foods – which I grew up eating in large quantities – does not trigger any impulses in me.

In fact my sensitivity to sugar has become normalized (gone down from where the average persons’ is). A conventional piece of candy is far too sweet for me to eat.

Yes, I still have attachments to certain foods, like pasta, which I can now find in healthier forms.

But you might be surprised which foods you actually like to eat after you stop eating them for awhile.

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