One of my mentors, Paul Chek, often says that “there is no such thing as a good or a bad exercise or medication; only an incorrectly prescribed exercise or medication.”

This is a sentiment that I’ve echoed in various ways on this blog before. I’d like to add ‘food’ to that mix as well.

If you want to do a heavy back squat, take some antibiotics, or eat some chocolate chips cookies, none of those are inherently good or bad.

It’s only when you look at the specific application that you can gauge whether or not those ‘prescriptions’ are appropriate.

It makes a difference whether or not you are: properly trained, capable, and warmed up; at greater risk for worse illness should you not take certain medication; have eaten poorly or well all week long.

We have a strong tendency to quickly judge things as ‘good or bad’ right away. Try to resist this. There’s really no need.

What’s good for you today may or may not be good for you tomorrow.

And what someone else says is good for you certainly needs testing.

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