You Control What You Become

Your body is the most complex machine on the planet. It is beautiful, strong, and resilient. It is more sophisticated than all of the computers, smartphones, and other devices you can think of … all put together.

For example, there are approximately 6 billion biochemical reactions per second in your body.

You probably tend to think of your body as static or unchanging. Yes, I’m sure you know that your fingernails grow, your hair falls out, you can gain or lose muscle, and your skin sheds.

Yet there is still a tendency, as you go through your average day, to feel that ‘your body is how it is’.

You’re not likely commuting to work and thinking about the fact that every cell in your liver, heart, intestines, lungs, and bones are constantly regenerating themselves.

In fact, on the spectrum of ‘static versus dynamic’, your body is much more like a flowing fountain of water (thank you to Paul Check for the analogy) than a statue made of stone.

It is changing rapidly and constantly. You just can’t see it with your eyes.

Remember when Neo suddenly was able to see all of the bright green flowing code that programmed the Matrix? It’s like that.

OK so, what does this mean for you?

All of that vibrant, flowing change and action is fueled by the water you drink, and the food you eat.

Being properly hydrated and putting quality nutrition into your body literally becomes who you are.

It give the systems in your body their ability to do their job.

For example, if you’re sick or injured, but nourished properly, your super-biocomputer can heal itself with much greater capacity.

Could I have just said ‘you are what you eat’ instead of writing 300 words?


But I’m not sure if that would had the same impact.

Not only are you what you eat, but that also means that you control what you are, and what you will become tomorrow.

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