Clearing The Fog

You are life.

You are an embodiment of the energy of the universe, and vitality resides within you.

It is there, no matter how deep down it may be buried, no matter which direction your brain may have twisted it against, or away from, yourself.

When you lose connection with that, the world can feel like a very dark place. It may even feel like you don’t want to go on.

But that’s not the permanent truth; that’s just an temporary state.

Depression, even if temporary, is very real. It is part of our nature, and it may even have provided us some evolutionary advantages.

It’s not like looking at the world through dark glasses, because when you’re depressed, you can’t just take them off.

It’s more like being deep in a dark fog with no exit point in sight, no obvious ground to feel any particular direction, and no light to follow in the distance. Add to that no energy to walk.

When you hear someone calling you, no matter how far away they seem, just take one step towards them.

It can take a long time to ‘find’ your way out of it. And, it may come back. We don’t always have control over the ‘weather’.

But one step at a time works, coupled with the knowledge that you won’t be stuck in that fog forever, no matter how bad it feels right now.

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