Practicing Hunger

I like to use the events of the day to my advantage when it comes to food.

If I’m not hungry for longer than I might have expected, I won’t eat.

If I’m traveling and I want to save a little money, then I might skip a meal or two.

If I’m hungry but I’m at a place where the food choices are sub-optimal, I’ll wait. (I also always travel with some food for ’emergencies’.)

It’s a good idea to vary your eating regimen up a bit, and keep your digestive & nervous systems on their toes.

It’s a good idea to fast occasionally. This has been common practice for thousands of years, with many different variations.

You don’t need to eat three meals per day at the same time every day of your life.

In fact, that’s way too comfortable and complacent for me.

I recommend being prepared for anything, and practicing for it once in awhile too.

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