One Breath At A Time

Your breath.

It’s something that is with you all of the time, but you rarely think about, and often goes unnoticed.

I’ve written to you before about how breathing correctly can be life-changing. If you haven’t read that post, and your belly does not expand when you inhale, you should.

Additionally, a raised focus on breathing through your nose, rather than through your mouth, will help.

It will increase your tendency to breathe diaphragmatically and become more relaxed. You also provide your body more bioavailable oxygen this way.

If you try it while your working out, which can be challenging at first, you might be surprised at how you can actually perform better.

You won’t be able to remember this all the time, and that’s OK.

Little by little, the more your practice these techniques, the more they stick, and the more they impact your health in a positive way.

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