The New Smoking

I often joke that ‘sitting is the new smoking’. And while I do stand most of the day, it’s probably sugar, not sitting, that will fall next.

We’re at a phase right now where sugar is not yet demonized such as cigarettes are, but awareness is rising.

It’s still pervasively infused into most of your supermarket and most of the country’s diet, for now.

I don’t know exactly how it’s going to play out. I’m not saying that there will be a bunch of class-action lawsuits and super-high taxes on sugar, or products made with sugar.

But the way to imagine the future is to imagine what won’t be there, not what will be added. And when I see the future of our country, the role of sugar will be greatly reduced, because every day, one by one, we are realizing that sugar (in excess, processed form) is poison.

This isn’t a fad like keto, plant-based, Atkins, or Paleo.

High amounts of sugar will simply kill you.

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