Should You Take Supplements?

By definition a supplement is “something that completes or enhances something else when added to it.”

Images of vitamin bottles probably come to mind first, but supplements are not just vitamins.

You can supplement your diet with all kinds of things, such as, but not limited to: chlorella, spirulina, fish oil, amino acids, creatine, whey/hemp/pea/rice/other protein powders, maca, camu camu, goji, and cacao. I use all of those regularly.

The answer to the question of whether or not you should take supplements, however, lies here: how complete and balanced is your diet now?

The addition of vitamins, powders, oils, and superfoods is not the best next step if you:

  • Have not learned how to eat properly for your body
  • Are not getting adequate amounts of water and sunlight
  • Are not regularly physically active
  • Are highly stressed and/or have significant issues at home or work

These are the kinds of things that I coach you through, and they take time to learn.

They go against the cultural trend of ‘fixing’ everything with a prescription, or as quickly & easily as possible.

I’m not big on following cultural trends, especially ones don’t support my goals for longevity & vitality.

These things, these foundational building blocks of good health, take some hard work. You actually have to write things down, on paper, and think about them. You have to set goals and be held accountable for them.

It’s nice to work on them together, with a few of your peers, so, sneak preview: I’ll be launching a new health coaching group soon. If you’re interested in learning more, just send me a message. I’ll get you more information, and make sure you’re on the list.

Back to ‘should you take supplements?’ … based on your goals & deficiencies, it’s possible that you should. Supplements can be helpful in optimizing your diet, performance, and recovery.

Just don’t overlook the basics first.

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